4 03, 2019


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Wembley SSE Arena, February 25, 2019 When innocently asking Donald Fagan ‘What is a pretzel?’ he smiled and kindly drew an outline of the tasty morsel on my trusty note book. How else would I know a pretzel was a type of baked bread shaped into a twisted knot? Logically speaking, I should have been aware of them on sale on the streets of New

4 03, 2019

Remembering George

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Farewell to a Music Biz Legend “He was funny, witty and charismatic with a heart of gold.”  When memories of the late George Kwiatkiewicz were shared by his family at a Funeral Mass held in his honour, it was his daughters Sofia, Isabella and Natasha who best summed up the personality and character of a much loved man. George had worked in the music industry

18 01, 2019


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What Was And What Shall Be Well, that was a hectic few weeks in the run up to Christmas, an event now well past its sell-by date. Hopefully this will excuse the long period of recovery needed by The Raver to get down to business. Okay, we’re back, so now read on! SCRIBBLERS AND PLUCKERS AT PLAY December 2018 began with the legendary music biz

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