26 02, 2023


2023-02-26T17:40:50+00:00The Raver's Return|

STEVE EGGS BAND at the Sound Lounge, Sutton ‘We are the Music Makers and the Dreamer of Dreams’. That was the philosophical slogan writ large on the wall at the Sound Lounge, one of South West London’s finest venues. But it could also have been the motto of the club’s star attraction, the Steve Eggs Band, performing for the delight of an enthusiastic audience at

20 02, 2023


2023-02-20T11:29:39+00:00The Raver's Return|

A Gallery of the Imagination Rick Wakeman’s musical collaboration with his band The English Rock Ensemble certainly has hidden depths, which incidentally is the appropriate title of the opening track on ‘A Gallery Of The Imagination’ Rick’s latest album release. Imagine this...a collection of songs that might inspire the listener to approach music making in the same way as Mr. Wakeman has set about creating

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