STEVE EGGS BAND at the Sound Lounge, Sutton

‘We are the Music Makers and the Dreamer of Dreams’. That was the philosophical slogan writ large on the wall at the Sound Lounge, one of South West London’s finest venues. But it could also have been the motto of the club’s star attraction, the Steve Eggs Band, performing for the delight of an enthusiastic audience at their recent sold-out Saturday night gig (February 11th.)

The band sure makes a lot of music, including mostly original songs, and they satisfy the dreams of those eager to hear classic rock played with skill, fire and passion. Yet it’s the desire to write their own material that keeps the Eggs on the boil, if you’ll pardon the pun and they unveiled three new songs during a bubbling hot session in front of a seated audience.

Sheer luxury. They not only have comfortable seating, a well stocked bar and friendly staff at the Sound Lounge, but a proper stage, lighting and a PA that projects the sound, without damaging sensitive ear drums. They also attract a crowd that listens attentively to the performers. That certainly benefited their support act, impressive young singer-songwriter and guitarist Scott McFarnon.

The Grammy nominated composer opened his set with ‘Angel Eyes’ and ‘Miles Away’ a lively tune about ‘Escaping to Brighton’ enhanced by a beautiful voice and Scott’s nifty acoustic guitar. The interaction between vocal cords and guitar chords was impressive and drew applause, whistles and indeed cheers for more songs like ’24 Hours A Day’ and ‘Nothing But Trouble’.

Meanwhile, the Steve Eggs band had been patiently drinking tap water before they were due to hit the stage (it’s the new buzz man). After congratulating Scott on his performance they revealed their ‘Good Intentions’ an ever popular opening number. It was fun to see lead singer, guitarist, harmonica player and composer Steve pairing with ‘Jonny the K’ Kershaw their lead guitarist for some Status Quo style dance moves.

The whole band was cooking with bass guitarist and singer Peter Wass up front at the mic (instead of being hidden behind a pillar, often his fate at the Oval, Croydon).

He was clearly enjoying every minute of band favourites ‘Falling Into You’ and ‘One Horse Town’ as was drummer Mark Taylor on a smart Gretsch kit that inspired him to play with drive throughout the night.


Thence came a new tune listed as ‘Wigs’ by a wag on the set list, but actually called ‘Wings’. This was followed by the even more heartfelt ‘Even In The Darkest Night’ and ‘Almost Talking’ all devised by Steve and the band at Pete’s Kitchen, a facility that will one day become as legendary as Abbey Road or Chess Studios. Pete explained as ‘Wings’ took flight, that it marked the tenth anniversary of the birth of the band and celebrated their ability to ‘fly without wings.’

They certainly flew through favourites like ‘Slipstream’ and the powerful ‘Turn It Up’ one of the band’s funkiest arrangements. It was nice to see the audience singing along to Steve’s poignant ‘We Humans’ while Mr. Kershaw was unleashed later on ‘The Apartment Song’ their exultant tribute to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. It was another chance for Jon to reveal the potential of his Translucent Blue PRS SE Standard 24, a splendid guitar that adapts to the mood of every song. In this case – a rave up.

There were more delights to come from ‘Ghost Train’ and ‘Roll Over’ to their Johnny Cash medley ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘I Fought The Law’. What a night, all capped with cool lager and hot pizza. Who needs the O2 or Wembley Stadium, when you can chill at the Sound Lounge?