23 09, 2022

STEVE EGGS BAND LIVE Turning Up At the Oval

2022-09-23T14:16:45+01:00The Raver's Return|

Photos: Sari Toplek It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we last saw the Steve Eggs Band performing at the Oval Tavern, one of the best live rock music venues in Croydon. But they came back on September 16th, 2022 boiling with energy amidst a bubbling cauldron of creativity. It was in October 2021 that the band celebrated the release of its new

15 09, 2022

AYNSLEY LISTER – Rockin’ The Blues Away

2022-09-15T11:32:47+01:00The Raver's Return|

Live at the Beaverwood Club September 7th 2022 Is it possible? Yes it is! There is a great young blues guitarist on the scene that has all the attributes of the legendary names of the past, while establishing his own unique, distinctive style and musical personality. Which is a rather long winded way of saying simply...Aynsley Lister. It was Aynsley and his powerhouse trio who

15 09, 2022

Georgie Fame & The Guy Barker Big Band

2022-09-20T08:42:59+01:00The Raver's Return|

Ronnie Scott’s Club, London  September 5th, 2022 ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You!’ proclaimed Georgie Fame as the Guy Barker Big Band roared encouragement during their debut number on the hallowed stage at London’s Ronnie Scott’s Club. The audience couldn’t stop lovin’ Mr. Fame and his band of musical brothers either, during the first night of a long awaited week’s residency It was an emotional occasion.

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