Project Description

‘Help! Supposing I had got it all horribly wrong in my 1965 review of the Beatles album and the single, released on July 23 that momentous year? In a preview I foretold ‘A whole new wave of Beatle mania’ was about to be unleashed. Since ‘Please Please Me’ in 1963 the lads had enjoyed an incredible run of Number One smashes and the conclusion was the Beatles hadn’t produced a bad song – ever. When it came to the full album we announced: ‘Inconceivably they have written a whole new crop of unique and memorable songs.’ Why so inconceivable? Well, most bands could produce maybe one or two good numbers on an LP. But not such a cascade of classics, including the unbelievable ‘Yesterday.’ So glad we said it would be a ‘a giant standard’ and not a huge flop. Oh and ‘Help’ was another Beatles Number One. Phew.